zipper isn’t working?

March 14, 2008

Zippers are such a common element in our day to day life that we don’t even think about their importance until one finds his bag wide open because the zipper refuses to work. I don’t want to give details of the anxiety when you are already getting late for a meeting or a party and you have only one pressed pant, you hurriedly put it on and, oops! the zipper is not working! I call this “stubborn zipper syndrome”.  Read more.


CDs or DVDs not working?

March 14, 2008

Some times when you play a CD or DVD, especially with PC CD/DVD Rom, it either refuses to play or if at all it works then it stuck up intermittently. That is usually because of scratches on your disc. Now scratches might be of two types; if your disc has scratches on the printed side of disc(The one which has title or names printed) then you can simply throw it away because no power in the world can make it work! but  Read more.

Cleaning a mirror or glass panes.

March 13, 2008

Many people find it difficult to clean a mirror or glass window panes with a piece of cloth.You might have noticed that even after a “hard exercise” on a glass window pane or a mirror with cloth, it still feels a bit hazy with some shades on it. Let me tell you the other way around. Try  Read more.

Everyday Tips

March 11, 2008

Hi all,

Welcome to the everyday tips blog. Here you will find those little ideas and tips which will help make your life easier. So, its all about you and your life. Stay in-touch!